How to turn a hotel directory into a good read

  • 17 April, 2020
  • Kate Simon

When Best Loved Hotels decided to revamp their hotel directory they turned to Traveltappers to provide inspirational content to enliven the brochure’s pages. We were briefed to deliver short essays about interesting and unusual things to do and see in nine regions around Britain and Ireland, from the top of the Scottish Highlands to the tip of Cornwall’s toe.

We set to work commissioning features from a roll call of leading travel writers, working closely with them to draw out their regional knowledge and discover must-tell stories. The result was a page-turning variety of tales from around the country for hotel guests to enjoy.

Sophie Butler (Telegraph, Conde Nast Traveller) sailed around Norfolk’s secret creeks on a crab boat. Sarah Baxter (Guardian, Telegraph, Times) went coasteering on (and off) the Dorset coast. Norman Miller (Times, Guardian) dodged flaming tar barrels and met curious characters on bonfire night in Lewes. Harriet O’Brien (Independent, Conde Nast Traveller) stepped back in time to watch silversmiths at work in the Cotswolds. And we wrapped up these features with suggestions about well and lesser-known activities and experiences in the area.

The articles appeared in Best Loved Hotel’s handy, stylish directories between 2015 and 2017, which were distributed to more than 150 hotels in the collection as well as premium partners such as Hertz.

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