Bright idea: The Andalucian adventure that turned into a PR triumph

  • 16 March, 2020
  • Kate Simon

Take it as read: a creative campaign can attract attention where no business news is available

There can be few more satisfying moments for a PR than the one I enjoyed on a recent visit to our client Almohalla 51. On my first morning at this beautiful guesthouse in Andalucia, I joined my fellow guests at breakfast and quickly learned that all four – two from the UK and two from Australia – had been inspired to visit by an article in The Guardian that was the result of a press trip arranged by Traveltappers.

In his excellent piece, Off-season in Andalucia: escape the crowds and save money, writer Robert Hull tried out Almohalla 51’s new holiday, The Road Less Travelled. The four-night trip takes advantage of the guesthouse’s rural location and eschews the obvious attractions of Malaga, Cordoba and Granada for wandering the streets of lesser-known yet no less rich historic local towns and villages.

The original idea sprang from a co-creative meeting between the owners of Almohalla 51 and Traveltappers in autumn 2015. Such brainstorms are a regular way in which we help clients with no significant news to impart about their business to look outward for a compelling story to continue to raise their profile.

As is typical of these meetings, we discussed in detail with our client the demographic of their ideal guests and the desired length of stay, then considered what in the local area spoke to the guesthouse’s own narrative of an authentic Spanish experience. This was finally packaged up as a great-value holiday. Since its launch in spring 2016, The Road Less Travelled has been a smash with guests, inspiring multiple visits throughout the season; it will be available again in 2017.

PR is usually a long-term game, about raising profiles and, in this day and age, earning organic inbound links from authoritative websites to boost search rankings. But, in this case we saw the results quickly and with our own eyes.

I know how I like my eggs in the morning – in the company of satisfied clients and customers.

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