GDPR and our privacy policy

  • 3 May, 2018
  • Simone Kane

Only connect: you can subscribe at any time to keep up with our clients’ news

The Data Protection law will change on 25 May 2018. We wish to assure anyone who is opted in to receive our communications by email about how we will use, store and protect their personal information.

The new General Data Protection Regulations require that we assert our right to use your personal information under one or more of the reasons outlined in those regulations. We believe we have a legitimate interest in using your information to contact you regarding news from our clients. This is because, in the past, you have been happy to receive this kind of information from us and so you have a legitimate interest in the content of the emails we distribute.

We have now given everyone on our database the opportunity to opt in or unsubscribe from our email communications.

We have never used our database of media contacts for any other purpose than to share our clients’ or our company’s news. Recently, we have, and will continue to make, significant changes to the way we collect, store and use the personal data of our contacts so that we comply with the new GDPR legislation.

If you have unsubscribed from our mailing list, or do not respond by the deadline, we will remove your details from our database.

If you have opted in to our mailing list, please be assured that:

  • The information we hold on individuals is generally limited to a name and work-related email address. On occasion, we will hold more detailed information for a short time – for example, when it is necessary for organising a press trip. After this time, all documents containing this information are destroyed and removed from our password-protected systems.
  • We do not/will not share personal data with/sell data to any third party unless we have been given permission to do so.
  • We offer ways for our contacts to manage and review their preferences regarding mailing lists.
  • All personal data of our contacts is held in a password-protected secure environment and is only ever accessible to our small team, in order to execute our work.

Your information is held by Little Black Book Creative Ltd, which trades as Traveltappers, a public relations and content agency specialising in travel.

Don’t worry if you have mistakenly unsubscribed or wish to rejoin our database. You can drop us an email at any time at:


The Traveltappers team
4 May 2018