Need to boost the search ranking of your website? Here’s how SEO-PR can help…

  • 17 October, 2016
  • Simone Kane

On a roll: backlinks to your website from online editorial coverage are a valuable part of an SEO strategy

Why: Whether you’re promoting tents, hotel rooms, or holidays, you need to understand the important role that online editorial coverage and backlinks to your website can play in overall SEO strategy.

Google tracks the links to your site from ‘trusted’ sources, eventually pushing your site up the ranking in relevant Google searches. By targeting powerful media websites with the right stories, sometimes referred to as ‘content’, traditional PR can now play a dual role – increasing brand awareness and improving SEO.

Earn: Of course, each client’s goals are different. Perhaps you want to raise visibility of your brand, or maybe you are shifting focus to a new market, or it could be that you just want to give your sales a boost.

Although PR is only ever part of the whole marketing mix, not only can it gain great coverage and increase awareness, but it can earn the crucial links that help to put your business in front of millions more customers. By carefully targeting where editorial coverage appears, you can make the money you spend on PR work so much harder.

Prove: But there’s no point adopting a targeted link-building strategy unless the results are being tracked. Monitoring the media for online mentions and links can be done in a number of ways, including Google Alerts and cuttings search agencies.

But it’s what is done with those results next that really counts. Using Google Analytics and other software tools such as Answer the Client, it’s possible to evaluate how many high-value links are being earned to improve search position, what traffic they are driving, and the progress of those visitor journeys around your site. An SEO-PR strategy can clearly show its impact on your bottom line.