Is your PR strategy helping to boost your search rankings as well as gaining great exposure for your business? At Traveltappers, we understand the power of PR to earn valuable inbound links to your website and how that helps put your business in front of millions more potential customers. What’s more, we’re well equipped to achieve the top-quality coverage that fuels search. Our team has many years’ experience working as journalists at the top of the national press, complemented by a leading travel public relations strategist. We’re storytellers by trade – we instinctively know what makes a great idea and how to make it relevant to busy journalists – and we have some of the best contacts in the business. Our measureable SEO PR campaigns are created to dovetail with your integrated digital marketing plan. Want to find out more? Get in touch.




Strategic planning

Our highly effective, integrated PR plans flow from your sales and marketing priorities. We also have extensive experience of crisis management.

Public relations

Compelling campaigns, top-quality materials and strong relationships with journalists and editors are at the core of our work.

Social media

We dovetail our press work with activity carried out by our experts or your own team across social-media channels.


We create imaginative, relevant, well-written pieces that command the attention of target audiences.


All our work focuses on earning valuable online backlinks to boost your site’s authority in the eyes of Google.


We stay ahead of the game with our measurement and evaluation processes, using the latest data analysis software.


Plain sailing: Journalists who also work in PR must never write about their clients. Photo: Rachel Graham
Combining PR with journalism: How to set a straight course
  • 21 October, 2016
  • Kate Simon

“You’ve gone to the dark side!” Tell a journalist that you’re now dabbling in PR and brows furrow. Tell a potential client that you sometimes still work as a journalist and their eyes light up at the prospect of you being able to write and place articles about their product.  No. PR and journalism – never the twain shall meet.

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On a roll: backlinks to your website from online editorial coverage are a valuable part of an SEO strategy
Need to boost the search ranking of your website? Here’s how SEO-PR can help…
  • 17 October, 2016
  • Simone Kane

Why: Whether you’re promoting tents, hotel rooms, or holidays, you need to understand the important role that online editorial coverage and backlinks to your website can play in overall SEO strategy.

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Editor Lisa Markwell and the staff of the Independent on Sunday see the final edition off stone on 19 March 2016
What does the end of The Independent in print mean for PR?
  • 16 April, 2016
  • Kate Simon

Having spent almost 15 years at The Independent and The Independent on Sunday, I was deeply saddened by the newspapers’ closure in March this year.

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